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We Are Blue Lives Matter - Florida

Blue Lives Matter- Florida, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created to help Law Enforcement Officers and their families in their time of need

Our Mission Statement

First and foremost to help Law Enforcement Officers and their families in their time of need.  We are also working to bring awareness to and help prevent the problem of suicide among Law Enforcement professionals.

Executive Board

Keith Dorough

Keith Dorough - Founder

I retired from Law Enforcement after 20 years. During that time I spent 15 years in SWAT as an operator and trainer, 10 years in K9 as an operator and trainer, and 9 years as a Traffic Homicide Investigator.  Taught at the Law Enforcement Academy for 6 years specializing in high liability classes.

After retirement, I spent four years in Afghanistan training working K9 Teams. Recently founded Blue Lives Matter – Florida chapter with the vision of decreasing the number of suicides within Law Enforcement, and providing help to the families of the fallen Officers. 

Gerard 'G' Pfister - Co-Founder

Born & Raised In Brooklyn, NY.  Moved to Florida in 1985.  Recently retired in December 2019 after 29 years total in Law Enforcement.  He and Keith became friends & co-workers in 1991 when employed by the Daytona Beach Shores Police Dept.  In 1994, G soon followed Keith To the Jacksonville Beach Police Department, where he spent three years.

In 1997, G joined the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO), where he worked Patrol & finished out his career in the BEST Traffic Unit within the JSO (Zone 3)!!! {wink} 

The tragic death of a former co-worker brought Keith & G back together with other former co-workers who were touched by the tragedy.  Together, we are making strides to prevent suicides among Law Enforcement Officers, to raise awareness for this noble yet challenging profession, and to support the families of those officers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. 

James M Willard aka Jimmy - 2nd Vice President

My name is James M Willard aka Jimmy. 

I moved to Jacksonville Florida in 1975 leaving my home on a small farm in Gaffney South Carolina.

I started working at Sonny’s BBQ when I was 14 years old eventually leaving as a general manager to start my own BBQ restaurant.

I started Willard’s BBQ restaurants in 1991 in Callahan Florida eventually owning and operating several more.

Owning my own business allowed me the privilege to show first responders and military my appreciation for their service.

I am honored to have many great friends that are first responders so it makes it more personal for me when one of our folks are injured or killed in the line of duty.

My Awesome Nephew Roger Rice jr was an Officer for the Laurens County Sheriff’s office in SC for just over a year when he was killed in the line of duty on 7-13-2011.

His Parents lost their oldest son several years earlier in an automobile accident.

Roger Rice Sr and Debra Rice have dedicated their lives to supporting other families that have been left in similar situations.

A Roger Rice jr Memorial Ride has been held in his honor since his death to raise money for other families and local police departments.

Roger was a great Nephew and a great young man who would have made a big difference in this world had his life not been senselessly taken! This has helped fuel the passion in our fight for our folks in Blue!

My wife Renee and I will continue to have the backs of our heroes in Blue as long as We have a breath in our bodies! 

Thank you President Keith Dorough and First Vice President Gerard Pfister for having the faith and confidence to have me as 2nd Vice President.

 James M Willard

2nd Vice President